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Based in the Sydney and Illawarra regions Sydney Cycling Coaching specialises in providing personalised training programs for cyclists and endurance sports enthusiasts.

At Sydney Cycling Coaching our programs are based around three crucial areas:

Tried and tested methods   


   Emerging research and technology 

Optimised To Fit Around Your Life

Our coaching philosophy is about optimising the time that you have available to train.

We understand that not everyone can dedicate 40 hours per week to training so we provide programs that fit around your busy schedule.

By combining latest technology and training methods we are able to provide you with a scientifically based periodised training program, designed around your life and personal goals.

So whether these goals are competitive racing, charity rides, weight loss, fitness or just beating your mate up a hill, Sydney Cycling Coaching can provide you with the tailored training program to make it happen.

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Built to Enhance Your Performance

Our coaching services encompass the 7 vital areas for endurance performance optimisation.

These 7 basic components provide the building blocks for any long term endurance training program and without anyone of these 7 components your performance will never be as good as it can be.

We offer a variety of training plans to suit your needs and budget, these programs are administered on an ongoing basis to make sure they develop as your training and performances improve.

3 month block training programs are also available to help you kick start your training.

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Progress You Can Track

Our training programs are delivered and monitored online, utilising pro-athlete software – Training Peaks. You can login and reviewed your training data on demand.

"Hamish was able to structure a programme that made the most of the limited time I have, so I was able to actually train to achieve race goals. He has put together a race plan that worked perfectly on the race day."

− Dileen De Silva

"I worked with Hamish for a period of 3 months in preparation for a cycling trip to the Spanish Pyranese. I improved my FTP power output from 268 to 299 watts and I was able to complete over 780km with 13 000m gained in a 7 day period. Over the 3 month period I learned how to train smarter, work harder and ride faster."

− Danny Moore

"With Hamish as a coach, in less than a year I managed to improve my half Ironman from 6 plus hrs to 5:08 and complete the full Ironman in 11:16. Hamish gives constant feedback on your progress and his flexible approach and easy nature was a perfect match for my busy lifestyle. I highly recommend him."

− Mitchell Reid

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