Motivation. One word. Fear of failure. Three words.
Signing up for Speights Coast to Coast and feeling like you’re going to throw up….. Priceless

Well in fact not priceless actually rather expensive but that’s beside the point. Motivation and the source of motivation to compete in or even just complete big events is fascinating to me. What is it that makes you sign up for a race, it could be three peaks Challenge, Melbourne Iron man, The Scott 24hr or any number of other crazy events going around these days.

For me the latest one happens to be the Speights Coast to Coast a 243km epic that traverses across New Zealand in a day.

Why did I sign up?

A sense of adventure, wanting to try something different a personal challenge, competition with a mate.

To me the reason for signing up to these things is not always clear, I do enjoy the challenge and the race itself is usually completed with a smile on my face. But I can all but guarantee that at some point that smile will turn to a cringe and the cringe to a grimace and the grimace will probably end in mind bending cramps. So enjoyment probably isn’t always at the forefront of my mind.

What is clear to me though is what gives me the motivation to train. The fear of failure.

I don’t like losing, never have probably never will. I also don’t expect to win. The thing I dislike most however is not being able to finish. It is this drive to finish and the fear of not being able to cross the line that really provides me with the motivation to train.

To be honest the fear of not finishing the coast to coast is probably higher than for any other race I have entered, it has an element of the unknown for me.

The moment I clicked the mouse button to enter I felt like I was going to be sick.

I am not sure I will be able to entirely rid myself of this feeling until I cross the line.

Keep an eye on the blog to stay up to date with my thoughts on training and race preparation over the next 4 months.

NZ here we come.



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