Strategy Based Performance

Developing and maintaining a training strategy is key to achieving your goals as a cyclist.

At Sydney Cycling Coaching we offer a comprehensive range of individualized, periodised coaching packages to help you develop a training strategy that will allow you to perform at your best.

We use the latest research in endurance programming combined with tried and tested methods. The process starts with comprehensive sports science testing, analysis of your riding and training history and SMART goal setting. This forms the basis of a highly tailored program that will allow you to get the most out of your valuable training time.

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Periodised Training Plans

Periodised programming means performing when it matters the most.

Periodised training involves the systematic planning and implementation of a structured training program overseen and managed by your cycling coach.

If you are not planning for the future you are falling behind.

It involves breaking down a selected period of time, into specific cycles known as Macro, Meso and Micro cycles. This breakdown allows your coach to specifically monitor and target your training making sure that you reach peak performance when it is absolutely necessary.

Work in Progress

A coaches work is never done.

By continually monitoring your training adaptions through field and laboratory based testing we are able to make sure that your program is always targeted at your current fitness level.

Programs are delivered on a fortnightly and monthly basis. With updates to programs happening continually as your coach monitors your training adaptations.

Your program is highly personalised.

The manipulation of the different aspects of the training program allows your coach to systematically improve the factors limiting your potential, whilst still paying close attention to enhancing strengths when the time is right.




Every Bit Counts

A well implemented cycling program allows the coach to monitor an athlete’s fatigue, form and fitness throughout the season and in preparation for important events.

This monitoring allows small adjustments to be made at crucial times in the lead up to an event to make sure that both form and fitness are optimised and fatigue is eliminated.

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