Hamish is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist. Hamish has combined his love for all things bikes with his physiology and sports science background to develop Sydney Cycling Coaching.

Hamish has competed and trained in endurance events for over 10 years. He most recently completed the New Zealand Coast to Coast.

Hamish has a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. He currently works at Sydney Sports and Exercise Physiology where he specialises in sports testing for endurance athletes including DRAPAC cycling and Green to Gold Race Development. It was through this avenue of regular sports testing that Hamish became intrigued by coaching.

Hamish takes a scientific approach to understanding racing and training. He emphasises an understanding of an individual’s underlying physiological characteristics, goals and training history when determining their needs.

Hamish has worked hard to develop the support systems covering all areas of cycling performance, which are usually only available to professional athletes. Hamish combines his knowledge with that of a multidisciplinary team including Sports Dietitians, Strength Coaches and Physiotherapists.

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